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Mark K.

"I have absolutely no problems with Hot Cases. I have STACKS of them. Probably about 40. I notice no damage whatsoever.

You won't find a better plastic storage container to protect your collection."

Jerry C.
Portland, OR
"I have only been collecting for a few years. I started off with protector packs and as my collection grew I quickly ran out of room. Hot Cases has really help me condense and organize my collection."

Doug R.
Lake Forest, CA
"I have thousands of Hot Wheels and want to take care of my investment. Hot Cases give me the confidence to store my collection in a safe and organized manor."

Chuck M.
Camarillo, CA
"Just wanted to let you know that I had a water softener pipe burst in my garage a few days ago and a high pressure stream of water was blasting directly into some cardboard boxes full of books beneath is where I store my Hot Cases. Water splashed everywhere and my cases had standing water on them, but the cars are still perfect! I don't even want to think about what would have happened if I had them stored in cardboard instead of your product.
Thanks a million! "

Andrew W.
Zimmerman, MN

"I have been collecting since 1995 and really wish that your company had released them back then.  Maybe all of my early cars would not have soft corners and bent edges.

I had all of my cars in small plastic tubs that only fit about half of my collection.  Since I got your cases, I have basically consolidated my entire collection into one shelf, which makes my wife a lot happier."

Tom D.
Omaha, NE
"Were should I start! or When should I stop! As you can see I have a lot. Doesn't that speak for itself."

Sergio M.

"One of my friends that had never seen the cases before was so excited about them because he said they were better than the old cardboard boxes..."

Tom G.
"I recently purchased Hot-Cases, and I am very pleased with them.  My only regret is that I did not order them sooner!!!"

David C.
Irvine, CA
"I bought my first Hot-Cases in 2002 at the Irvine show. I have been adding ever since. Now I am using the loose car inserts for my opened classics."